About Us: 2018 NJ Big Brother of the Year
- Kevin Ludwig

“If I didn't get to have the chance to have Kevin as my Big Brother, I probably wouldn't know the world like I know it now or know the new places he took me to.”
- Little Brother Marcus

Big and Little Brother
Big Brother Kevin Ludwig of Millville, New Jersey and his Little Brother Marcus were matched on January 11, 2011, and Marcus’ life has been forever changed! Marcus was in second grade and already struggled with anger, depression, and a learning disability. Marcus’ Aunt Julie, his guardian, enrolled him in Big Brothers Big Sisters for support and to give him the chance to succeed in spite of his difficult circumstances. Kevin would faithfully visit Marcus at school for lunch once a week; talking, playing games, and eating together. As Marcus grew older, they began to spend time on weekends and their friendship grew even stronger.

Big and Little Brother
“We have developed a warm and close relationship over the last seven years. My time with Marcus has grown from an in-school, one-hour weekly visit to Marcus being a loved member of the Ludwig Family,”
- Big Brother Kevin Ludwig

Marcus loves spending Sundays with Kevin and his family, both having fun and learning more about what it means to be part of a family. Thanks to Kevin, Marcus’ life is forever changed. He has the skills, outlook, confidence, and compassion to avoid the pitfalls of substance abuse and crime that would otherwise be Marcus’ fate. Big Brothers like Kevin challenge us to continue in our work, changing lives one Little at a time.