2022 NJ Big Brother of the Year Pete McGuigan
& Little Brother of the Year Daniel

Big and Little Brother
Little Brother Daniel and Big Brother Pete’s friendship has stood the test of time. Although Pete knew from the beginning he wanted to become a Big Brother who would provide a lifetime of support to a child, there is no guarantee two people will develop the type of bond necessary to last one year, much less over a decade.

Pete, a father of 4 daughters, finally met his match with Daniel in the form of a mentoring relationship. Daniel was a shy, respectful 6-year-old boy in April 2010 when they first met. Being raised by a visually impaired, single mother and with 3 foster sisters, Daniel’s world was limited to few social and recreational outlets outside of his home. Over the course of their friendship, Daniel has transformed into a confident and thriving young man who seeks out opportunities to help others.

Big and Little Brother
Over time Pete was able to expand Daniel’s world through consistent friendship building activities that helped him explore interests. It’s been amazing to see what began as a fast friendship based on fun shared activities c a strong friendship and bond. It is through Pete’s compassionate, consistent friendship and support that Daniel’s self-confidence has grown and he’s sought opportunities and independence.

Pete has maintained a consistent presence in Daniel’s life all 12 of the years they’ve been matched. Recently Daniel talked about his experience and appreciation for the BBBS program and Pete, “I wouldn't be the person I am today without him.”

Pete always highlights Daniel’s potential asserting, “He’s a bright kid with a great future, he's working hard to set himself up to be independent when he graduates. He is such a good kid and I feel honored to be someone he listens to.”

Daniel and Pete’s friendship and years of fun and influential times together exemplify all the good that comes from providing a caring adult in the life of a young person.