About Us: 2016 Big Sister State Winner

Big Sister Amanda Ballate and Little Sister Amanda

Big and Little Sis
Amanda Ballate will be matched with Nia for almost 5 years in February. Amanda has shown Nia how to persevere through adversity even without a family or a stable home.

She has been with her every step of the way from foster home to foster home. Even when Amanda relocated from NJ to Brooklyn she remained Nia’s Big Sister. The distance wasn’t too far to travel to see her Little Sister through what could be a 4 hour round trip commute. Amanda knew that Nia needed stable support.

Big and Little Sis
As we know, many times foster children like Nia are especially vulnerable to feeling neglected. The power and beauty of this relationship is that Amanda has exposed Nia to many experiences and given her hope that she too could have a positive future despite her childhood in the foster care system. Our Mentor Manager's own words sum up Amanda’s impact in Nia's life – “She has been an anchor in the unsettled life of one child, a constant, positive presence and I’m delighted to share this inspiring story as I truly believe she is a prime example of an incredible Big Sister.”

Amanda is now one of our biggest “cheerleaders” and is helping us to start a corporate partnership with her company, Cushman & Wakefield, because she strongly believes, “We need more Bigs on this journey.” She is also going to take part in our growing Leadership Council.