About Us: 2021 NJ Big Sister of the Year Staci Clark
& Little Sister of the Year Dominique

Big and Little Sister
Staci Clark of Deptford and her Little Sister Dominique of Millville are a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cumberland & Salem Counties match that is supported by the Cumberland County Human Services Advisory Council. The two met when Staci was Dominique's first grade teacher. As the school year progressed, Staci saw Dominique struggling and wanted to offer help beyond the classroom, so when Dominique enrolled in the Big Brothers Big Sisters school-based mentoring program, Staci decided this was her opportunity to make a difference. Staci volunteered to be Dominique’s Big Sister.

Staci and Dominique began their relationship meeting once a week for lunch to play board games or with dolls. As their connection grew, they decided to spend more time together through the school-based “Plus” program. They were able to make new, fun memories together--going to the movies, enjoying Easter egg hunts, and trips to the zoo!

When I am with my Big, I feel safe and loved. I never have to think twice about whether she will give up on me because I know she will always be there. I know my Big Sister is only a text or call away when I need her. She always pushes me to try my best, and I hope after everything that she has taught me, that I will make her proud.
– Little Sister Dominique

Big and Little Sister In the coming years, Dominique leaned on Staci through some tough times. Each day their relationship grew closer and they knew they’d be “sisters for life.” As the years went on, Staci and Dominique battled through the ups and downs of middle school, connecting over trips to the beach, swim lessons in Staci’s pool, dinners with Staci’s family, and always working through any academic challenges that arose.

Staci and Dominique have now been matched for eight years. Over this time Staci has taught Dominique to always be kind to herself and others, to get involved in school clubs and activities, and to make better choices even when life is tough. She taught Dominique to celebrate her uniqueness and know that she can count on Staci for guidance and support now and in years to come.