About Us: 2017 Big Brother State Winner

Big Brother Wayne Knight and Little Brother Zyshonne

“I met my Little Brother, Zyshonne, in February of 2009 at his school in Bridgeton. You could tell he was a shy ten year old boy. At first glance the meeting would seem uneventful; however, that day changed us. You can’t define it; it’s just something you know in your heart“
said Big Brother Wayne Knight.

Big and Little Brother
Wayne looked forward to their weekly meetings, talking, playing checkers and slowly learning about each other. He learned Zyshonne lived with his grandparents and several other family members and that he had siblings who lived outside of the home.

Wayne and Zyshonne got together every week for lunch, slowly building their friendship and it was obvious the two connected. As the school year was ending, Wayne wanted to continue to provide Zyshonne with a steady consistent relationship, something that wouldn’t be taken away or just dissolve. Wayne and Zyshonne became part of the BBBS community-based program where they could get together outside of school.

Over the years they shared many experiences – Zyshonne’s first Phillies game, first Eagles game, first restaurant and so much more. One of the most memorable times for Wayne was the day they had their first baseball catch. Zyshonne had a smile on his face so big and Wayne realized this was probably the first time Zyshonne ever had a catch. Wayne and Zyshonne continue to promote the positive influences of being a Big and Little by sharing their story with others and the success they’ve had - whether it’s with friends, family, classmates, co-workers, or simply by example.

Big and Little Brother
Zyshonne’s grandfather stated “I attribute both Zyshonne’s academic and social growth to the time and effort put into the match by Wayne. He is as concerned about my grandson as I am. I’ll just say we were blessed with the perfect match.”

Zyshonne is now 17 years old and in his junior year of high school. Through Wayne’s guidance Zyshonne has grown to become a fantastic and responsible individual. Following in his Big Brother’s footsteps, Zyshonne decided he would like to be a Big Brother also. In October of 2015, he became a Big Brother in the High School Mentoring program. He is attentive to his Little Brother, plays games, even helps with homework and is an awesome mentor and role model.

Zyshonne said “I want to make a difference in other people’s lives because I want to make my Big Brother Wayne proud. The last thing I’d want to do is to let him down because he never let me down. Not once.”